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One is the loneliest number – but if you have more income it might be a different story

Solitaire - one is the loneliest numberWorking to combat loneliness

I’ve long admired the work of Age UK and in particular their campaign to ‘Help end loneliness’.Age UK

The campaign and its related programs such as  ‘Call in time befriend’ are part of a range of strategies to combat loneliness among the elderly in the UK.

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Whats new in ageing and aged care – this last week?

Sml_reading_coffee_unsplash_photo-1422207175003-e5b7d45ceb7bIt seems October is  a good month to release research and analysis on ageing, so this week’s round-up focuses on some of these reports. The reports all focus on the ageing of our population and either suggests strategies to address this challenge or outlines the intended consequences of this demographic shift.

So get your cup of beverage of choice and marking pens out ..   28 Sept – 3 Oct 2015

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Redefining being old – no longer 60, 65 ….

As a relatvely young 56 year old I am increasingly becoming aware of my impending ‘aged’ status on the face of it I will be old in 9 short years – I am not feeling it yet but …. It seems that age 65 is now becoming the ‘line in the sand’ by which time we become old and somehow a burden.

More and more I am reading articles which are measuring the ageing of individuals and communities by the numbers, those under the alloted age are young! while those over are our classified as old.  Continue reading “Redefining being old – no longer 60, 65 ….”

Generations at war? Rethinking this debate

While we might not feel we are at war with our generational colleagues we have successfully segregated the ages into stereotypical categories and some argue that these differences and the demographic changes we face might give rise to scuffles …  Continue reading “Generations at war? Rethinking this debate”

Dementia rates falling among UK’s elderly population

News out of the UK provides some hope that the prevalence of dementia is reducing in people aged over 65.

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