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Lower fees for home care demanded by consumers

not all about the price
in-home care not just about price
The introduction of consumer directed care (CDC) into the home care sector in Australia has seen a fundamental shift in the delivery of in-home care and challenged organisations and consumer of care to re-look at the ‘business’ of home care. Continue reading “Lower fees for home care demanded by consumers”

30 minute visits = the gold standard in homecare for Australia?

The Ugold standardK has just released new gold standard ‘guidelines’ which signpost what is expected from organisations who are providing caring for the elderly. Continue reading “30 minute visits = the gold standard in homecare for Australia?”

Co-production, are we ready for it in aged care?

Many in aged care are busy working on becoming more consumer focussed (CDC = consumer directed care). This is being driven in Australia by Govt policy changes mandating ‘consumer directed care’ into service delivery.

Consumers demand action
Consumers have been demanding this and may or may not like the ‘form’ it takes in the policy interpretation of Govt. Time will tell. Continue reading “Co-production, are we ready for it in aged care?”

Choice driving quality …

The hardest hit, as everywhere, are those who have no choice.
Theodor Adorno

Letting us have a choice will drive quality in long term care, or at least that is what a number of countries are pining their hopes on. This is seen as necessary because regulating and policing alone are insufficient measures to guarantee quality services. Continue reading “Choice driving quality …”

Hospitals – No welcome mat for the elderly

(Photo credit: robert.harwig)

You could be forgiven for thinking that hospitals would welcome sick people but this is not always the case, especially  if you are elderly! Continue reading “Hospitals – No welcome mat for the elderly”

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