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Will aged care buckle under the weight of obese elders?

A recent report out of the US highlighted the increasing number of elderly clients in aged care who were  morbidly obese and as a result were in need of higher levels of care and support.

The obesity epidemic challenges our image of aging.

When we think of the elderly we generally imagine them as smaller and slight of frame. This stereotype is quickly being challenged by the increasing demographic of obesity among developed nations. Continue reading “Will aged care buckle under the weight of obese elders?”

Retirement – for all of god’s creatures

While this blog focuses on aging of humans (I make the distinction now because of today’s story) it is worth considering the fate of older animals.

Continue reading “Retirement – for all of god’s creatures”

Choice driving quality …

The hardest hit, as everywhere, are those who have no choice.
Theodor Adorno

Letting us have a choice will drive quality in long term care, or at least that is what a number of countries are pining their hopes on. This is seen as necessary because regulating and policing alone are insufficient measures to guarantee quality services. Continue reading “Choice driving quality …”

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