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To tattoo or not – challenging perceptions and designing for aging – this weeks top reads

5 Tops Reads This weeks round-up of aging in the news has some interesting ¬†challenges to our image of old age and how¬†we can design for a better ageing and aged care. Continue reading “To tattoo or not – challenging perceptions and designing for aging – this weeks top reads”

The Aging Issues Every Presidential Candidate Needs To Address – Huffington Post

The 2016 presidential election is crucial for programs that affect 44.7 million Americans. Which candidates will stand up for the issues that have a significant impact on our fast growing aging population?

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This is a great example of the influence of the ‘grey vote’.

The questions put to candidates by a broad range of professionals and consumers captured in this article are testament to the growing political influence of elders in our community.

It is great to see a strong self advocacy and that politicians are taking heed of this ageing demographic.

From elder care to entertainment, start-ups serving the 60+ age-group are growing

But not fast enough as India’s 100 million senior citizens are expected to double by 2030 and treble by 2050.

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The ageing of the Indian population has led to a surge in the number of business run by seniors for seniors. ‘Silver Talkies’ and ‘Devised Care’ are just two examples of such startups.With over 100 million senior citizens presently and this expected to double – there may be an explosion in silver businesses in India.

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