Sponsorship dollar comes of ‘age’

It’s a sign of the times when business supports older athletes as part of their marketing approach.
One older team of sportswomen, out of the US, recently securing corporate sponsorship. The team of women, all in their 80’s, play basketball for the San Diago Splash. 
What is remarkable about this? Itt signals a shift in the thinking of companies on how and where to spend their marketing dollar.
The coverage of the deal focussed on the history of the company with the vintage of the team. 
“Our brand purpose is with its heritage, and the best things being passed on,” Carpenter told Adweek. “So just seeing these ladies touching people of all ages lined up with how we think about our brand.”
Source Adweek


To be fair it’s not a lot of sponsorship dollar but it does go to help the teams in many ways.

Why support active older people?

Older people are participating in more and more sports. They are getting great coverage of their exploits and achievements. This involvement includes competitive events, teaching classes or exercising for enjoyment grows.

These athletes are role models and an inspiration to others, young and old. What better way to promote healthy aging than to support these individuals and teams. Business benefits if they align their product with these athletes.

With an aging population it’s not hard to see the marketing potential of older athletes. It makes sense to link some brands to exemplars in this demographic.
I’d love to hear about any other great examples you might have come across in your travels.

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