Retirement – for all of god’s creatures

While this blog focuses on aging of humans (I make the distinction now because of today’s story) it is worth considering the fate of older animals.

Many of us are pet lovers and pet owners. But sometimes people have to relinquish their beloved pet when they get too old or frail to care for them or have to go into care themselves.

In other cases these animals  are dumped or abandoned pets when they are no longer easy to care for or cute.

We hear a lot about this post-Christmas as ‘gift’ pets are no longer cherished or appreciated – but it seems there is always someone who cares for these animals.

This story focuses on older pets who have gone beyond their ‘good years’ or where they have to be left behind for some reason. The organisation is a ‘Home with a Heart’.

Some kind folk devote their time to looking after these animals in their retirement. So caring for the elderly is not just a human issue.

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