We all have it in us to be creative – explore your creativity for care

Today I am sharing some information about a new set of resources created by the National Creative Caregiving Aging. As part of my investigation I also trialled one of these FREE resources called ‘Tree Poem’.

The ‘Tree Poem’ resource explores how sharing and creating poems, between carers and caregivers can provide engagement, creativity, fun and escape.

I never saw myself as a poet or lyricist, let alone as a creative person but these resources encourage me to play and rethink what I, and others, can create. What a lovely way to connect.

What I learned from using theCreative Caregiving Guide©  was that all of us can be creative and build poems or lyrics.

“poems are made by folks like me. But only God can make a tree”  Joyce Kilmer

Art and creative expression in caregiving

I’d like to introduce you to the National Creative Caregiving Aging out of the US. I came across their work by accident but believe it has widespread applicability to care across the globe.

Their mission at NCCA is to achieve a “world where all individuals flourish across their lifespan through creative expression.”

The National Center for Creative Aging is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the vital relationship between creative expression and healthy aging, and to developing programs that build upon this understanding.

As part of their work they have developed a FREE web-based resource “specially designed for both family and professional caregivers of adults who live with Alzheimer’s disease and related cognitive disorders.”

The resource is called the Creative Caregiving Guide© and is composed of a number of creative art based resources  for use in the caregiving journey. The resources are designed to inject creativity into the caregiving interaction.

View of website

The resources are equally applicable in a range of caregiving environments.  I would urge organisations to look at these resources and “learn, experience, and share vibrant, research-based caregiving exercises that help (your staff) … and your (client) care partner to flourish in the art of daily caregiving.”

Quick overview of the resource suite

Take a few moments to view their introductory video or simply trial one of the resources and begin to imagine the possibilities.

Login via http://creativecaregiving.creativeaging.org/  

NB you need to register first

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