Whats new in ageing and aged care – this last week?

ageing top news itemsI read so much that is great and interesting in the field of ageing and aged care that I can’t get to cover or share it all. I thought it might be useful to distill some of the top online content that I have found so that you can follow up and review these articles first hand.

Longevity – Pondering how long you have to live

Our curiosity about our future longevity, how long we will live, might be satisfied by using the ‘years you have to live’ interactive data visualisation created by Flowing Data. While it might be disconcerting to see your ‘prediction’ drop off the graph like a bouncing ball it is a bit of fun which will keep you amused for a short while. NB the data used to drive the visualisation is US.

Closets are just for clothes – LGBTI (LGBTQ) Seniors Living in Chicago 

This is a great story on the development of a new apartment complex which has been established as LGBTQ friendly. It mirrors another article I read and shared previously about the first LGBTI retirement village in Sweden. It seems that there is an increasing awareness of the need to ensure appropriate retirement and care options that welcome and accept the LGBTI community. If you question the need for such developments I would recommend that you take a few minutes to view the trailer for GenSilent which is a reminder of the challenges faced by LGBTI community members as they age and move into care settings.

Sexuality in nursing homes

Continuing on the theme of intimacy, sexual expression and recognition of differences another article this week covered presentations at the recent Victorian ‘Lets talk about sex’ conference. The presentations all discussed the place for recognising and supporting intimacy in nursing homes. The article linked to a great e-learning resource (targeted at dementia but equally relevant to all ageing clients).

Facebook ‘dislike’ button influenced by ‘boomers’ – Thank an ageing population for Facebooks proposed dislike button 

There has been much discussion and evidence about the increasing take up by older people of the digital  world and social media and in particular Faceboo. It has been suggested that this factor has influenced Facebook’s contemplated introduction of a ‘dislike’ button. The article also reflects on other changes Facebook has made to cater to an older demographic – such as increasing ‘news’ content.

Economic impact of ageing demographic

An article in the Economists explores a paper released by Morgan Stanley on the economic impact of an ageing population in the developed world. It suggests that the net effect of demographic ageing will be

“a decline in real (inflation-adjusted) interest rates, a squeeze on real wages and widening inequality”

a grim outlook indeed. The article does concede however that there might be factors which will mitigate the expected impact – changes in labourforce participation. Well worth a read.

Timely also when you examine this article along with another two I have read recently which refer to the impact of the ageing demographic on housing as boomers look to downsize their houses.

Recently released reports

The McKell Institute

Positive disruption Healthcare Ageing and participation in the age of technology

  • To go straight to downloading the report – click here

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