Co-production, are we ready for it in aged care?

Many in aged care are busy working on becoming more consumer focussed (CDC = consumer directed care). This is being driven in Australia by Govt policy changes mandating ‘consumer directed care’ into service delivery.

Consumers demand action
Consumers have been demanding this and may or may not like the ‘form’ it takes in the policy interpretation of Govt. Time will tell.

Will CDC really achieve what consumers are demanding?
One issue not addressed by the consumer directed care movement is how programs and service in their design and execution can encompass and reflect the needs of the broader community of consumers they support.

Moving from 1 to many
Co-production represents a possible model for how aged care can move beyond and add to their commitment to consumer directed care.

An Opportunity to learn more
My organisation is hosting a workshop with a visiting UK practitioner of co-production. This opportunity gives providers in West Australia an opportunity to learn from the efforts of community care providers in the UK.

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