Take time out to smell the roses
Take time out to smell the roses

Go ahead and enjoy yourself – you’ll live longer

The key to living longer is enjoying yourself. Sounds simple but recent research has show this to be the case.

Its not just that you live a little longer, no, it was shown to be a staggering 9 – 10 years longer.

‘Dying of boredom’ takes on new meaning

The research gives new meaning to this cliche, the results showed that you’re 3 times more likely to die if you are not enjoying yourself – that is even when you account for factors such as age.

Your wellbeing predicts if you’ll suffer disability

Not only will wellbeing and enjoyment contribute to your longevity it helps to predict if you will suffer some of the disabilities that are often associated with ageing.

They found that your feeling of wellbeing could be used to predict whether you would “suffer disability, reduced walking speed, impaired self-rated health, and to develop coronary heart disease”.

This is just another way of saying if you don’t enjoy yourself you are more likely to suffer disabilty as you age.


The message is pretty clear there are many benefits from enjoying yourself and very few negatives, so go on this is your prescription to enjoy yourself.

Download and read the full report – (be warned its a large file size)

“The dynamics of Ageing, Evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing 2002-2010”