Peace and love – the pathway to senior living nirvana

Flower power, peace and love might be having a revival but this time around in our retirement communities.

What suited the baby boomers in the 60’s and was ‘shocking’ to their parents, communal living, might be making a comeback as many baby boomers face the prospect of retirment.

The idea of sharing and living together would solve a number of challenges that face us as we age. Key among these are

  1. finanicial pressures – by reducing living costs and sharing these,
  2. isolation and lonliness – by offering companionship, and finally
  3. maintaining house and garde – by accessing a broader support network.

Not only would there be a direct benefit for those choosing this living arrangement it would also address the problem of urban sprawl that plagues so many communities arount the world and none more so that in Australia.

It’s also worth acknowledging the link between urban sprawl and ill health such as obesity, cardiovascular disease etc  Super Size Me, The Medical Journal of Australia.  So in their small ways the baby boomers might be starting another revolution by containing urban sprawl and creating more liveable cities – I know its a bit of a long bow but …..

So the ‘hippies’ didn’t have it so wrong all those years ago. So I ask myself would it be so hard to co-habit, would we be too stuck in our ways? What do you think?

Read South Florida Times article on options for baby boomers and Urban Sprawl it’s killing us, The Aged.

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  1. My Grandma was facing some income issues, but she moved into a nursing home and she did not have those issues anymore. She could like the rest of her life not having to worry.
    Steve @ Senior Living Advisors

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