The World Health Organisation is predicting a massive explosion in the number of older people, defined as being over 60 years, over the next 40 years (2050).

The number is set to double in this period. This growth rate is unprecedented in history, by way of comparison a similar doubling of the French population took 100 years.

As well as more over 60’s there will be much greater numbers of us living into our 80 0r 90, (octogenarian).

While we will be living longer the extent to which we age ‘well’ will be vary from country to country. Factors such as diet, smoking, alcohol consumption,  exercise and exposure to hazards and toxic substances significantly impact on our health and well-being.

Issues for policy makers, care organisations and families to consider are

  • protection against maltreatment and/or abuse;
  • appropriate care and support, including chronic disease management;
  • social engagement and connection with community; and
  • natural disaster linkage and support of older and vulnerable in our communities.

Source: WHO Ageing and Life Course