“Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.”

Jennifer Yane

Age is a number that charts the passage of time. it doesn’t foretell or limit our life choices – it is our mindset and our circumstances.

As we live life we develop new understandings and reflect on our choices. We look back on our life and wonder ‘what could we have done differently’.

Ageing is often stereotyped by decline, damage or disease, but ageing is distinct from the diseases of ageing – the two are not synonymous.

As we age though we do see damage at a molecular level and this does increase our chances that diseases of old age will occur.

What we all want is a rich, meaningful, independent and engaged life – not matter what our age.

So lets not spend our time “wondering what happened” and waiting for, or expecting the diseases of ageing, let’s make plans for a healthy and engaged ageing experience.